As well as the main exhibition in June 2012, this online selection of poetry films and interactive poems is also part on a bigger MA project aimed at bringing poetry to a wider audience using art.

So if you do have the time to share the links for this exhibition or leave a comment here or email feedback (lifeislikeacherrytreeATyahooDOTcom) or share your own poem inspired by any of the artwork, then this would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


An Eyeful of Words – Droitwich Library Gallery – June 2 – 30, 2012

“What a fantastic exhibition this was. Poetry not only in words but in the pictures both photos and paintings. I had to go twice! If there is a spare wall or two that is just crying out for culture, please contact Sarah. These exhibits are much too good to go into a box.” Maggie Doyle, Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2012.

Every Day It Grows

Every time I went into the gallery, I found more feedback, more poems, more art for the collaborative poetry-art display part of the exhibition. Here are some snippets of the feedback received and a picture of the poetry-art flower!

“It spoke to my heart.”

“The waves of your singing words. I am a boat. Sometimes I concentrate to understand the powerful meaning of the poem and sometimes I let them ‘me bercer’ through their waves, songs…”

“I love the union of poem and pictures/painting. They talk to each other and give the visitor a more complete experience.”

“The haiku and the photos are particularly apt.”

“I loved seeing the poems and images next to each other. My daughter loved the artwork for Magpie.”

“It was inspiring to see how well images and poetry work together. I’ve seen it before but not as a whole exhibition in one place. Wonderful stuff.”

“The poems and pictures are so apposite, appropriate, complementary. The pictures (photos) reflect as well the depth of meaning in the poetry.”

“I hadn’t appreciated the depth of insight which can be found in poetry.”

“This exhibition touched all my senses.”

“The exhibition is so varied. It’s colourful, easy to follow. It takes you through all walks of life.”

A leaf-poem left by Ann Reed.

A petal produced by Jodie Ford, as part of the drop-in art-inspired/haiku workshop.

From the Tow Path display at Droitwich Water Festival in Vines Park from July 1-3, 2011:

Poem by Jordan Prust, age 12.