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At poetry readings, I often enjoy hearing about the background to a particular poem. ‘Wednesday Reflections/Sometimes I smile’ is my attempt to do this in writing, sharing the inspiration, frustrations, pain, philosophies and thoughts that lie behind my poetry collection plenty-fish.

Each Wednesday, for around a year I blogged one of these ‘poem biographies’, as well as points for potential reader discussion and also writers’ prompts. As I blogged, a live link to each post was also added here.

plentyfish cover (1)My collection plenty-fish may be bought from Nine Arches Press, here, or my website, here.

Happy reading, discussing, writing!

P.S. Following the fabulous reaction to the early blogposts in this series, I’ve now put them together into a book form – for those who’d prefer them in printed form, all in one block and/or don’t want to wait for their posting week by week. This is available from amazon.co.uk here or amazon.com.

Wednesday Reflections/ Sometimes I smile/From Anguish to Art – a short background

Of fences

Journey of the Fruit

Still the Apple

For Her, A Different Skin

Let’s Remember

Cutting to the Bone

The je ne sais quoi of it

I bite down on the memory


Walking under Water

Cactus Ballgown


On the Brink of Adultery

Small Deceptions

This Holy Shrine



All the Flowers

Wired Flesh



Coffee Break

Bagging Up

Against the Vacuum

And When


Losing Faith

Past Sacrificial


Some Prayer

Meditation on/with/for a Buzz


Re. Composition

In the Ointment

His Wife


Van Gogh’s Other Mistress


through glass

Museum Offering

The Hummingbird Case


Looking Back In Fragments

not(e) a poetics of glass/water

The Philosopher’s Magnum Opus

Raindrop on a Red Leaf

Too Modest

From Grasmere

Against Candlelight

Snatches of the Rivers and Moor


Oil and Water


‘Sometimes I smile’ – the 124-page pdf of all these Wednesday Reflections, plus some extra writing exercises.