(Mantle Lane Press, March 2017, £4 pocket-size format)
ISBN: 978-0-9515040-9-3

From the back cover:
“Claire relives her past but her memories are fragmented, shattered like the remains of a toy kaleidoscope.
A troubled childhood, the loss of her baby, and the end of her marriage are seen through a distorting lens, twisted and unclear.
What really happened? And can Claire find a way through the mirror maze of memories to discover the truth?

Kaleidoscope is a compelling and disturbing tale of a disintegrating life.”

A short extract from the novella can be found on the Red Lighthouse website and it can be purchased from Mantle Lane Press online bookshop here.

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Kaleidoscope audio cover

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“…The writing is precise and evocative. Through the fragments, a clear image of Claire builds as someone shaped by her childhood as an ignored but responsible sister to a prettier, sociable younger sister, someone whose grief was sidelined in favour of focus on physical issues and someone who slipped through the safety net health visitors are supposed to provide. Despite the distorting mirrors, the shiny images, Sarah Leavesley is firmly in control, as the body of a kaleidoscope keeps all the pieces in check but still allows the viewer to see what they want.” Emma Lee, full review here

“Kaleidoscope is the pocket-sized sucker-punch penned by Sarah Leavesley…

“Leavesley wields the tool of an unreliable narrator with confidence and, given the psychologically fragmented tone that she is striving for, this unreliability and ambiguity is employed to good effect throughout the work.

“​One thing that I can say without running the risk of spoilers, is that this book is beautifully written. With a background in poetry, Leavesley weaves touching descriptions into her everyday prose here and it makes for a hard-hitting read – in the best way. It really adds something to the delivery to see elements of a different writing style incorporated so smoothly throughout…

“A troubling but beautiful read, Kaleidoscope is difficult look at a struggling mind, but it certainly makes for wonderful reading.”

Charley Barnes, Mad Hatter Reviews
(The full review can be enjoyed here, and an interview with me about the novella and writing here.)


“…Kaleidoscope paints a brilliant portrait of a disordered mind, a mind scattered into ever-changing pieces much as a kaleidoscope fragments and reforms. The narrative skips around in time, and the reader begins to create his/her own picture of events from the fragments Leavesley gives us…”

Renaissance Woman, 5-star Amazon review, full review ‘A novella that packs an emotional punch’ here.


A sequel novella to Kaleidocope – entitled Always Another Twist was published by Mantle Lane Press in April 2018.

The sequel is told from the view point of Julie, the sister of Kaleidoscope‘s main character, Claire. As well as Julie’s viewpoint on what happens to her sister, Always Another Twist also features many twists and turns in Julie’s own life – including intrigue and betrayal, love and lust.