In April 2018, Sarah joined the reviewing team at Riggwelter and various full-length reviews may be found there, as well as on The High Window, The Poetry Shed, Sphinx OPOI (One Point of Interest) and Everybody’s Reviewing.

Over the years, Sarah has also blogged microreviews on a number of books and pamphlets here on her own website. This page is her attempt to start logging those from about spring 2013 onwards. Authors/editors listed alphabetically by surname. Titles should link to the review. (If the press name has a link here, that will be to that press/the specific title on that press’s website.)

(N.B. These microreviews sit alongside other events in Sarah’s life, rather than in separate blog posts, because this is how she fits poetry/reading into her life, alongside everything else, as most readers have to. For similar reasons, these micro-reviews are also mostly about pleasure and enjoyment in the reading, rather than academic or technical analysis. An occasional post of favourite individual poems can also be found here.The list here also includes links to collections that Sarah has endorsed, clearly marked as an endorsement to distinguish it from her reviews/micro-reviews.)

For other critics’ reviews of Sarah’s own collections, see the page for the relevant title under the Books tab.

REVIEWS (alphabetical by poet surname or anthology title)

Mary Kovaleski Byrnes, So Long the Sky (poetry collection, Platypus Press, 2018) on Riggwelter.

Sophie Essex, Some Pink Star (poetry chapbook, Eibonvale Press, 2019) on The Poetry Shed.

Humanagerie (an anthology of poetry and short fiction edited by Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley, Eibonvale Press, 2018) on The Poetry Shed.

Kelly, Majella, Hush (poetry pamphlet, Ignition Press, 2020) on The High Window.

Jane Lovell, This Tilting Earth (poetry pamphlet, Seren, 2019) on The High Window.

Tim Miller Bone Antler Stone (poetry collection, The High Window Press, 2018) on Riggwelter.

Jessica Mookherjee, joy ride (poetry pamphlet, black light engine room, 2017) on Riggwelter.

Pascale Petit, Tiger Girl (Bloodaxe, 2020) on The High Winndow.

Rachel Piercey, Disappointing Alice (poetry pamphlet, HappenStance, 2019) on Sphinx.

Maria Taylor, Dressing for the Afterlife (poetry collection, Nine Arches Press, 2020) on Everybody’s Reviewing.


Aquanauts (Sidekick Books) anthology

Deborah Alma Dirty Laundry (Nine Arches Press)

Tiffany Atkinson So Many Moving Parts (Bloodaxe)

Simon Barraclough Sunspots(Penned in the Margins)

Michael Bartholomew-Biggs The Man Who Wasn’t Ever Here (Wayleave Press)

Jo Bell Kith (Nine Arches Press)

Jo Bell (editor, with Jane Commane)Maps & Legends: Poems to Find Your Way By part one and part two (Nine Arches Press)

Liz Berry Black Country (Chatto and Windus)

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge Hello, the Roses (New Directions)

Colette Bryce The Whole & Rain-domed Universe (Picador)

Mark Burnhope Lever Arch (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press)

David Calcutt (with Nadia Kingsley and artist Peter Tinkler) (through the woods Fairacre Press)

Helen Calcutt Sudden rainfall (Perdika Press)

Joel Chace Kansoz (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press)

David Clarke The Europeans (Nine Arches Press)

Jane Commane (editor, with Jo Bell) Maps & Legends: Poems to Find Your Way By part one and part two (Nine Arches Press)

Josephine Corcoran The Misplaced House (Tall Lighthouse)

Tim Cresswell Soil Penned in the Margins

Sarah Crewe (with Sophie Mayer) Signs of the Sistership (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press)

Anamaria Crowe Serrano one columbus leap (Corrupt Press)

Kristina Marie Darling Petrachan (BlazeVOX)

Jonathan Davidson Humfrey Coningsby (Valley Press)

Nichola Deane My Moriarty (Flarestack)

Karen Dennison The Paper House (The Hedgehog Poetry Press)

Lorna Dowell Crossing the Ellipsis (HappenStance)

Carrie Etter Imagined Sons (Seren)

Carrie Etter The Weather in Normal (Seren)

Suzannah Evans Near Future (Nine Arches Press)

Martin Ferguson An A to Z Art of Urban Survival, Following Diogenes of Sinope (Original Plus Chapbooks) endorsement

Myfanwy Fox Fox Unkennelled

Melissa Fu String & Circumstance (The Hedgehog Poetry Press, Stickleback)

Raine Geoghegan Apple Water: Povel Panni (Hedgehog Poetry Press)

Alison Gibb Silent Diagrams (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press)

Jesse Glasse ‘Play [Day] for [Of] the Dead: A [Decryptive] Dance For Mirror and Word’ (zimZalla avant objects)

Roz Goddard Spill (Flarestack Poets, 2018) – endorsement

Mark Goodwin Steps (Longbarrow Press)

Rebecca Goss Her Birth (Carcanet)

Wayne Holloway-Smith (editor) follow the trail of moths sidekick books

Robin Houghton The Great Vowel Shift (Telltale Press)

Lucy Humphreys Kintsukuroi (Hesterglock Press, 2016) – endorsement

Sonia Jarema Inside the Blue House Palewell Press

Martin Johns Resting Place (Palewell Press, 2019) endorsement

Luke Kennard Planet-Shaped Horse (Nine Arches Press)

Amy Key (editor) Best Friends Forever anthology Emma Press

Nadia Kingsley (with David Calcutt and artist Peter Tinkler)through the woods Fairacre Press

Math Jones The Knotsman (Arachne Press) endorsement

Sarah Lang For Tamara (Anansi)

Kim Lasky Eclipse (Templar Poetry )

Emma Lee The Significance of A Dress(Arachne Press, 2020) – endorsement

Theresa Lola In Search of Equilibrium (Nine Arches Press)

Jane Lovell Metastatic (Against The Grain Press)

Melissa Lee-Houghton Beautiful Girls Penned in the Margins

Holly Magill, The Becoming of Lady Flambé (Indigo Dreams Publishing)

Maggie Mackay A West Coast Psalter (Kelsay Books, 2021) – endorsement

Martin Malone The Waiting HillsideTemplar Poetry

Sean Magnus Martin Flood-Junk (Against The Grain Press)

Karen McCarthy Woolf An Aviary of Small Birds (Carcanet)

Roy McFarlane The Healing Next Time (Nine Arches Press)

Matt Merritt The Elephant Tests (Nine Arches Press)

Sophie Meyer (with Sarah Crewe) Signs of the Sistership (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press)

Rosie Miles CUTS ( HappenStance)

Richard Moorhead The Word Museum (Flarestack Poets)

David Morley The Gypsy and the Poet (Carcanet)

Katy Wareham Morris Cutting the Green Ribbon (Hesterglock Press, 2018) – endorsement

Nicholas Murray The Museum of Truth (Melos Press)

Jessi Lee Narducci Sharked (Dancing Girl Press)

bruno neiva averbaldraftsone&otherstories (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press)

David O’Hanlon History (Valley Press, 2016) – endorsement

Pascal O’Loughlin Chocoholochismo zimZalla avant objects

d.e. oprava b/c(Knives, Forks and Spoons Press)

Antony Owen Margaret Thatcher’s Museum (Hesterglock Press)

Antony Owen (with Joseph Horgan) The Year I Loved England (Pighog Press)

Robert Peake The Knowledge (Nine Arches Press)

Rachel Piercey, Disappointing Alice (HappenStance)

Ian Pindar Constellations (Carcanet)

Evelyn Posamentier POLAND AT THE DOOR (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press)

Claudia Rankine Citizen: An American Lyric(Graywolf Press)

Yvonne Reddick (editor, with George Ttouli)The Apple Anthology (Nine Arches Press)

Carol Rumens Bezdelki (The Emma Press)

Sarer Scotthorne The Blood House (Hesterglock Press)

Catherine Smith Otherwhere (Smith/Doorstep)

Ruth Stacey Fox Boy (Dancing Girl Press)

Ruth Stacey Queen, Jewel, Mistress: A History of the Queens of England & Great Britain In Verse (Eyewear)

Ruth Stacey How to Wear Grunge (Knives Forks And Spoons Press)

Jayne Stanton Beyond the Tune (Soundswrite Press)

Robert Swereda Signature Move(Knives, Forks and Spoons Press)

Scott Thurston Of Being Circular (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press)

Angela Topping (editor) >Advice on Proposals, an anthology of poems inspired by Austen/her characters (Like This Press)

Angela Topping Letting Go Mother’s Milk Books

Angela Topping (editor) Scratching of Pens, an anthology of poems inspired by the Brontës (Like This Press)

Angela Topping (editor) Sweet Breast and Acid Tongue, an anthology of poems inspired by Shakespeare (Like This Press)

George Ttouli (editor, with Yvonne Reddick)The Apple Anthology (Nine Arches Press)

Robin Vaughan-Williams The Manager Happenstance

Sarah Wardle Beyond (Bloodaxe)

Sarah Westcott Inklings flap pamphlet series

J L Williams Locust and Marlin (Shearsman Books)

Tony Williams The Midlands (Nine Arches Press)

Jim C Wilson Will I Ever Get to Minsk Happenstance

Please do let Sarah know if you spot any errors or omissions in this list. Microreviews prior to spring 2013 may be found on this blog, but because of time constraints have not yet been catalogued. She also has uncatalogued reviews on earlier blogs and websites such as the spoken word section of Behind the Arras.

Sarah reviewed for local newspapers while she was working as a news reporter (1997-2001). During her postgraduate year at University of Wales, Cardiff, she did theatre reviews for Gair Rhydd (1997/1998). While at Oxford University from 1993-1997, she was arts editor of Isis (magazine) (Jan-April 1997) and wrote reviews for the Oxford Student (1996/1997). She was Oxford Student drama editor and reviewer from Nov 1994-June 1995.