Sarah was delighted to be The High Window Resident Artist for 2019!!!

Sarah runs LitWorld2 – an online journal combining photography and poetry. Her creative/artistic photos have been published in a range of arts journals and for the front cover of her Forward Prize highly commended collection The Magnetic Diaries.

She has designed the flash fiction (and illustrated poetry pamphlet) covers for V. Press since 2016 and all new V. Press book and pamphlet covers from the end of 2020 onwards. Nina Lewis’s V. Press poetry pamphlet Fragile Houses features a cover photo and 6-image photographic sequence ‘Fragile’, directly created by Sarah in response to these poems. In 2016, Sarah gained a Graphic Design Specialization with CalArts (California Institute of the Arts).

Her spectrogram art (created from lines of poetry) was displayed on Worcestershire buses along with her poems as part of a Worcestershire Arts Partnership/CBS Outdoors/First Capital Connect commission in 2013 and one of her spectrogram art pieces was used for the front cover of Mark Goodwin’s Clause in a Noise pamphlet from Knives, Forks and Spoons, 2013.

More information about Sarah’s 2012 exhibition ‘An Eyeful of Words, combining photography, poetry and art can be found here, her photo-poem inspirations here, her arts journal publications here and links to some poetryfilm here.

In July 2008, Sarah was winner of the Droitwich Specsavers Opticians’ Life through a Lens photography contest and she was winner of the Poetry and Covid Photography Competition for October 2020.

Her past role as a Burton Mail reporter at the newspaper group’s Uttoxeter office involved taking photographs for use in its paper, as did her freelance work for the group’s Ashbourne paper.

Here are some other examples of her photography.

Yellow Sun
Sintra sky leaves
Venice Winter Park
1-1-P1000027 1-line 30 pic 30 1-line 10 pic 10
Black Rock Tintern Abbey
Arran Arran Portrait
Randolph Hotel Broad Street
Canal Gogh Cave Canal

A small sample of Sarah’s photographic work can also be enjoyed here. For copies of any of these photographs or to commission new photographic artwork, please email Sarah on lifeislikeacherrytreeATyahooDOTcom.


Inspiration comes to me from many slants. When I work visually, the camera is my third eye. It allows me to see and represent things from different and unusual perspectives.

Being a writer as well as a photographer, I tend to treat my pictures as poetry in photos or poetry without words, though words may lie beneath the surface in the form of ideas and questions to be explored.

Sometimes my role behind the lens is one of simply being in the moment, responding to the visual and reality as it is, when looked at from a freshly discovered viewpoint.

But I am also intrigued by the interaction between reality and imagination, women’s roles, what lies hidden behind the everyday obvious and routine. These photographs are the ones of manipulated realities – through merging/layering photos, applying distortion techniques, creating fragmented collages or shooting pictures with deliberately staged incongruities.

For the viewer, I hope my work provokes questions and thoughts at an intellectual level, and varying aesthetic and emotional responses, including a sense of awe/beauty and feeling moved/troubled/elated.

Link to Journal Publications


Fundamentals of Graphic Design by California Institute of the Arts certificate earned May 2016;
Introduction to Typography by California Institute of the Arts certificate earned May 2016;
Introduction to Image-making by California Institute of the Arts certificate earned May 2016;
Ideas from the History of Graphic Design by California Institute of the Arts certificate earned June 2016;
Brand New Brand (brand development guide) by California Institute of the Arts certificate earned Sept 2016;
Graphic Design Specialization (California Institute of the Arts) earned Sept 2016.