Unmown grass arches over an autumn leaf;
its serrated wafer edges, points softening
into an unfinished rainbow of browns.
This diseased mottling to hen feathers,
a fortune teller’s tea blend for the future.
How does this ageing work:
the next Neuropteris hollandica
preserved from these Renoir patterns?
Our child’s play caught in foxy words
or written into fern seed fossils!

                                                                  Living remembrance ungardened,
                                                  I grasp its wet stalk. History blades
                                  my hand, as I lift this not-yet-earth
                 from green skies. Into the chill
shadowing my world now.

Air dries the leaf. Dullness pinched
between flesh and nail, I return it
new to old soil. The rain’s stilled
acidic glass taints my fingers
with its changing transparency.

Which fragments – metal skin,
white teeth – will future’s children pull
from the ground while neoprene
grass whistles on their lips?
Past vibrations beyond them

A videopoem version below: