This section is about Sarah’s poetry-art exhibition An Eyeful of Words which took place in the gallery at Droitwich Library, Worcestershire, UK, from Wednesday, June 6 to Saturday, June 30, 2012.

More of Sarah’s art and photography, including more recent pieces of hybrid poetry-art and combining photography and poetry, can be found in the photography section.

The combined-medium ‘An Eyeful of Words’ exhibition by Droitwich poet Sarah James aimed at using art and photography to open up poetry to wider audience.

The photos and canvases, many of which celebrate nature and the local surroundings, were chosen to interact with their accompanying poems and offer an alternate way into the word experience.

You can now enjoy some of these photos and poems and carry a mini-poetry-art gallery around in your pocket or create your own artistic pocket poems thanks to two free phone apps: Pocket Gallery: Pic a Poem and Pic Pocket a Poem available to download at google android playstore.

Both can also be downloaded by using a QR reader on your android smartphone to scan the codes below.

Pocket Gallery: Pic a Poem
Pick Pocket a Poem

The live exhibition, which also marked the second anniversary of Sarah’s collection Into the Yell, was a Worcestershire Literary Festival event, a Droitwich Music and Arts Festival event and part of Droitwich Canal Arts Trail.

As part of the exhibition, visitors were be invited to contribute their artistic/poetical response to the individual works or whole experience and some of these can be enjoyed in the collaborative poem and comments section of the website.

For more information, please contact Sarah James by email to

Use the drop down menus under An Eyeful of Words to find out more about the exhibition and a selection of some of the poems and pictures to be featured in the exhibition.

Inspired by life, nature and local Worcestershire surroundings, An Eyeful of Words by award-winning poet and photographer Sarah James brings together poetry, art and photography to share highlights of the world we live in.

From short seasonal haiku to longer more reflective poems, this exhibition offers newcomers to poetry a visual route into the world of words, while providing long-standing poetry-readers with an added dimension to her poems.

The exhibition also features some canvases created for Sarah’s poetry collection Into the Yell by Droitwich artists Sam Hutchcocks and Julie Haller of Moonlit Murals ( or phone 07952 070068).

Visitors will also have the chance to take part in a collaborative poetry/art display.

All poems, photos and artwork on this website are subject to copyright.