Tiles 17_7 17_8 17_9 17_10 17_11 18_7 From Landsdowne Road aug 2020 building not on original painting also tiles 10_6 11_6 12_6 13-6 IMG_3854

Tiles 10_6, 11_6, 12_6, 13-6
17_7, 17_8. 17_9, 17_10, 17_11

A Prospect of Worcester from the East was painted from the gardens/building at The Redhouse (Claines), which no longer exists. The spot this was painted from is now Landsdowne Crescent, Worcester. The modern view of the city from this road in late summer is mostly obscured by trees. This photo (taken in Aug 2020) is from a point slightly further along the crescent than the original painting.

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