A poetryfilm inspired by Covid-19, A Plague on All Our Houses features a contemporary Romeo and Juliet who have to lockdown in separate cities. Unable to see each other, they exchange messages by email, Whatsapp and phone, observing the world around them and hoping for a better future, together, when the pandemic is over.

Filmmaker: Andrew Curtis, featuring words by Sarah James/Leavesley.

A Plague On All Our Houses, is one of 38 poeetry-films (from 14 countries) shortlisted for the 2020 Ó Bhéal International Poetry-Film Competition. The shortlist was chosen from 288 entries received from 49 countries. The shortlisted films will be streamed online on Sunday, 29 November 2020, over two screenings at Ó Bhéal’s 8th Winter Warmer Poetry festival, via Vimeo Livestream. Access to the entire festival will be free to the public.