“A powerful journey into many settings, Resting Place captures the evocative sounds and motion of cities and coastlines, in familiar and foreign locations, through precise imagery and vivid metaphors. But the pamphlet also maps inner landscapes, from an insect-splattered road movie (‘Persistence of memory’) to the convergence of past and present in ‘A longing for snow’: ‘Snow the conservator bringing us back | like dreams of childhood, the white bees | have come again to hug the trees.’ Historical backdrops, compositional inspiration, imaginative flights of the honeybee…the wide-ranging four sections – New World, Old World, Mortality and Another Country – pulse like chambers of the heart. Alongside beauty, sharp edges are exposed: the world’s darker elements and the human body’s personal, moving, fragilities. Ultimately though, each poem is a resting place: the words on the page and the space around them allow each image, rhythm and emotion to sink in, then resonate, as if ‘punctuated by the brilliant | echo of stars.’”

On Resting Place by Martin Johns (Palewell Press, 2019) endorsement