Poetry Maps is currently a curation/archiving project rather than for a site for publishing new poems. Submission of poems for possible inclusion on the map and website should be made by the poet. Poems should be directly linked to a place in Worcestershire and previously published; the poet must also have copyright for the poem and give permission for Sarah to use it for the maps and website.

If the poem has been previously published online and is available online through a direct website link, please send Sarah an email with:

1) Your name, address and email address.
2) Poem title, concise details of its previous publication (as in the examples already on the map) and details of what point on the map it should ideally be attached to (eg postcode, building number, road name).
3) A link to where the poem can be read online.
4) Please include a statement: I have copyright for my poem, POEM TITLE, and give Sarah James/Leavesley permission to use it on her website and poetry maps.

If the poem has been previously published in a print journal or anthology and is not available online, then Sarah can create a direct online link for it by copying the poem (with attribution) onto a page on her website. In which case, as well as the details listed under 1), 2) and 4) above, please also include a copy of the poem for her to do this.

Submissions for inclusion should be emailed to Sarah at in the body of the email to Sarah at lifeislikeacherrytreeATyahooDOTcom (substituting an @for AT, and a . for DOT), with the subject line: Poetry Map, POEM TITLE. If submitting more than one poem, please send each poem in a separate email with the details as requested above.