Use the plus and minus symbols to zoom in and out on the map.*

Click anywhere on the map and use the hand to move the map around within the window.

Click on the blue (upside-down-raindrop-shape) pinpoints/markers with a white circle in the middle to see details of the poem.

* Where there are several poems inspired by the same place/area, such as Avoncroft Museum, this may look like just one marker (for one poem). Please zoom in to see the other markers, one for each poem. When markers are partially on top of each other, only the details on the top marker will be shown when you click on it. Once you can see each marker separately, and distinctly from the others close to it, you will be able to click on it and get that poem’s details.

The Worcestershire Poetry Map was organised and created by Sarah as stanza rep for The Poetry Society’s Worcestershire Poetry Society stanza to celebrate the stanza’s 10th anniversary. It was started in January 2019 and is an ongoing project. To submit a poem for possible inclusion on the map, please see the guidelines here.