Sarah has been running the Poetry Society‘s Worcestershire Stanza since 2009.

The stanza group meets every 4-6 weeks on a Friday evening to give feedback on each other’s poems. The usual format is a 7.30pm meet for chat and news, then an 8pm start on poems (usually one each) and feedback.

Many members are involved in other poetry groups or spoken word nights regularly, so often meet more informally or in other contexts between meetings. Other occasional stanza projects also include workshops, inspirational walks, poetry trails, exhibitions, buddy group email feedback, the initial LitWorld2 poems/flashes…

There’s currently no fee for becoming a stanza member, and attendance at each meeting typically ranges from 5-14 members. Meetings take place at different venues across the county, currently including Redditch, Feckenham, Alvechurch, Bromsgrove and Droitwich.

If anyone would be interesting in joining Worcestershire Stanza, please email Sarah on lifeislikeacherrytreeATyahooDOTcom (replacing AT with @ and DOT with . when actually emailing).

Stanza members can find the list of prompts here.

The next stanza meeting dates are:

Friday, 7 February 2020 in Redditch;

Friday, 6 March 2020 in Weather Oak, near Alvechurch.

Friday, 3 April 2020 in Feckenham.

Stanza members who are Poetry Society members are encouraged to enter the annual themed Stanza Poetry Competition – details here.

The Poetry Society’s National Poetry Competition, which is open to poets whether or not they are stanza/Poetry Society members can be found here.

Poems by current/former Worcestershire Poetry Society Stanza members Mike Alma, Kathy Gee, Jenny Hope, Sarah James, Math Jones, Nina Lewis, John ‘Mogs’ Morris, Liz Parkes and Jenna Plewes can be found in the Offa’s Press anthology The Poetry of Worcestershire.


Worcestershire Poetry Map, 2019 and ongoing

Organised by stanza rep Sarah Leavesley to celebrate the stanza’s 10th anniversary, Jan 2019 and ongoing

More information about how to navigate the poetry map and/or submit poems for this, can be found here.

LitWorld2 photo-poem/photo-flash journal, 2018 and ongoing

Organised by stanza rep Sarah Leavesley, with stanza member Nina Lewis as Facebook curator

The online journal was initially set up with stanza support, featuring poems and flashes by stanza members combined with Sarah’s photos. This was then widened and welcomes submissions from writers across the UK and the world! The journal can be found here and the submission guidelines here.


IMG_2830 cropped and smallerForest of Dean inspirational woodland walk, 2018 and ongoing

Organised by stanza member Andrew Hoaen as part of the Heritage lottery funded project Foresters Forest, Veteran Tree history project

In June 2018, poet and environmental archaeologist Dr Andrew Hoaen led a stanza inspiration walk through the Forest of Dean near The Speech House at Coleford, Gloucestershire. This guided ‘tour’ including archaeological and woodland history resulted in a range of poems with individual poem publications, plans for displays and sharing the work following on from this.

Between Brick and Wood – an anthology of poems for Avoncroft Museum of Buildings, 2012

Organised by stanza member Kathy Gee








Avoncroft Museum offered free admission for stanza members who were inspired, by the buildings in the collection, and their poems were displayed on site during 2012. Two schools from Inkberrow and Bromsgrove joined in and all the poems were brought together into an anthology sold in the museum shop.

P1070826 -P1070828 - 2


Hanbury Hall Visit, Website Publication and Poetryfilm, 2012

Organised by stanza rep Sarah Leavesley as part of a Droitwich Arts Network art-poetry project with the hall for Droitwich Arts Festival and Droitwich Canal Arts Trail

Organised stanza visits produced a range of Hanbury Hall inspired poems, with later publication on the Hanbury Hall website and production of the poetryfilm ‘Treasured Parts’ featuring some of the poems. Subsequent years also included stanza inspirational trips to the annual D.A.N. exhibition at the hall and display of poems as part of the exhibition.