Xmas poem 2017 copyrighted smaller

Wishing everyone happy winter, light and festivities!!!

I’ve mostly been a enjoying a quiet December – ready for the New Year! Small highlights include:

Legs Eleven flash fiction published on The Fiction Pool on 21 Nov 2017;

Splitting flash fiction published on Legend Press website on 12 December 2017;

Extracting the best bits flash fiction published on Ellipsis Zine on 15 December 2017;

The opening poem from ‘The Room’ a long fragmented sequence bordering on prose/prose poetry published in Poetry Wales, Volume 53, Number 2, Winter 2017.

My contributor’s copy of the Nottingham Peacebuilders‘ anthology Small Acts of Kindness also arrived – and it is beautiful!

I’m also delighted to have a poem, Our Street, accepted for London Grip next March.

Another highlight of the past few weeks has been V. Press’s shortlisting in The Michael Marks Publishers’ Award and writing an endorsement for Roz Goddard’s pamphlet Spill published by Flarestack in February next year. One of the great things about being asked to write endorsements is that this gives me permission to set other tasks aside while I enjoy reading some fabulous poetry. And Spill is a wonderful and wide-ranging collection of poems – readers are in for a real treat!!!