Reflections/poem biography for Pied
pied smaller
“Night digs at the sun, buries its dirt
in her nails. The music’s bruise turns…”

One of the few good things about diabetes is that it has made me wary of drugs. Low blood sugars (hypos) are unpleasant enough without the worry of substances that might bring on a hypo, make the experience worse or mask the important symptoms of a dangerously low blood sugar level.

That said, I’ve been to Amsterdam, have had my fair share of alcohol over-indulgence, watched ‘Trainspotting’ and also read articles and real life accounts of sex trafficking/exploitation. A drug-toxic abusive, squat-set relationship seemed perfect, therefore, for a contemporary poetry version of the Pied Piper tale.

Outside of the poem with its bleak antecedent, I’m almost sure that the heroine eventually escapes, though inevitably not without the experience leaving its traces on her character and outlook on life. I have great admiration for all the individuals, human rights campaigners and charities that offer practical help to those in such situations.

Electric Questions - lit version smallerDiscussion Point

Does using myth/folklore as a framing backdrop for this contemporary scenario add depth and weight? Does referencing this fictional element distract from the gritty reality or add a necessary protective/distancing layer for anyone reading it who has experienced something similar?

Inspiration/Writing Prompt

Take a traditional fairytale/myth/urban legend and create your own modern real-life version. For an extra layer/twist, consider giving the main role to a character who only plays a minor part in the original.

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