Sometimes there’s no leaving that big kid inside oneself behind! I was reminded of this fact twice over this weekend thanks to both this photo and a poetry masterclass with Philip Gross this weekend.

The fantastic Making Poetry workshop, organised by Jacqui Rowe, was about writing poetry for all ages and brought back very interesting childhood memories, including some things I still like to do, Yes, that’s right, eating Kit-Kats by nibbling all the chocolate off first, picking up pebbles on the beach, kicking autumn leaves around…

There’s not much autumn – or leaves- left around here now, more winter frost. But I was chuffed to find out this week that the picture above, which I took last month, had been used in the local daily newspaper.

Of course, Christmas is a time of year that is laden with childhood memories: snow, log fires, carols, presents…So while I gear up for the fast-approaching excitement of this year’s celebrations, I’ve been distracting myself with Wallace Stevens’s seasonal (but not at all festive!) poem Snow Man.