Reflections/poem biography for Small Deceptions

rainbow sky with swan & 3 liles recropped smaller realigned

“A leopard that transforms its spots
without using paint, or photoshop.”

Although I’m not a scientist, my husband was a physicist, and I have a curiosity about the world, which can sometimes, if not always, be satisfied through science.

This sequence started with the small observation that masses of water like oceans and seas appear blue, while the actual liquid that trickles through fingers is clear.

From this small deception, due to how sight and light work, into the science of perception of colours. From there, to more deliberate human manipulations of reality, truth and appearance. Also, how words may be used to lie by omission if not outright untruth. This, sometimes as subtly as the change from ‘lust’ to ‘last’ to ‘lost’, where each small alternation in surface sound/spelling actually carries a far greater significance meaning-wise.

Electric Questions - lit version smallerDiscussion Point

This sequence alternates between parts with straight-forward couplets and parts where stanza breaks occur part-way through lines. Is this use of form effective or distracting? Why?

Inspiration/Writing Prompts

1) Make up a blatant lie about something, something that is obviously untrue – in this world. Now imagine a place where this lie is actually the truth. If you want to develop this a step further, imagine what might happen if characters from these two different worlds met for the first time, both believing their view of the world is the correct one. What if they suddenly found themselves in the place where the exact opposite is true?
2) Create a list of lies poem. Start with a small subtle deception that might pass unnoticed. Gradually stretch the truth further and further, building up to an outrageously blatant fabricaion.

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