Kaleidoscope Reviews

Although Kaleidoscope was only launched part-way through March, I’m absolutely delighted to end the month with news of two reviews.

The novella had its first five star rating on Amazon with the following words:



It also received a lovely review from Emma Lee. There’s a fragment below and the full text here. What pleased me most about this review is that it reads as if Emma were in the room/my head when I was writing it! (She wasn’t, of course, but it feels so close to Claire and how her story unfolded and worked itself out during the writing process!)

“…The writing is precise and evocative. Through the fragments, a clear image of Claire builds as someone shaped by her childhood as an ignored but responsible sister to a prettier, sociable younger sister, someone whose grief was sidelined in favour of focus on physical issues and someone who slipped through the safety net health visitors are supposed to provide. Despite the distorting mirrors, the shiny images, Sarah Leavesley is firmly in control, as the body of a kaleidoscope keeps all the pieces in check but still allows the viewer to see what they want.” Emma Lee, full review here

Kaleidoscope can be purchased from Mantle Lane Press online bookshop here.

Signed copies – for posting to the U.K. only (not overseas) are also available using the paypal link below. (Please include details of whom the signed copy should be made out to, otherwise a default unsigned copy will be sent.)

Kaleidoscope (£5.50, including P&P for posting to U.K. addresses only)



I’m absolutely delighted that the opening to Kaleidoscope – as read at the novella launch – is to be broadcast on this Monday’s (April 3) live broadcast at Radio Wildfire.

The re.Lit show is broadcast from 20.00-22.00 (UK time) and features a selection of new spoken word and music from around the world, introduced by Dave Reeves and produced by Vaughn Reeves.

Touch FM

Meanwhile, I was also back in Coventry this past to week to talk about my part as one of the poets on the Disappear Here Coventry ringroad-inspired project. The interview also included talking about my wider writing and inspiration, as well as reading one of my Disappear Here poems and two poems from my Nine Arches Press collection plenty-fish.

This was great fun to do and Coventry Culture Show presenter Neil Wilkes so easy to chat to. The interview is due to be broadcast on Saturday, April 15 at 96.2 Touch Fm in the Coventry area, online at http://www.962touchfm.co.uk/player/. The whole show is from 10am-2pm, but I’m told the interview is likely to be broadcast between 12 and 1pm.