The past week has been a bit like spinning on a waltzer – with the jolting, jitters and exhilaration of launch nerves and excitement.

Despite pre-reading nerves, I had an amazing day launching my novella, Kaleidoscope, at Leicester’s States of Independence independent presses fair.


Copies of the novella – priced at just £4 – are now available from the press website or by emailing me on lifeislikeacherrytreeATyahooDOTcom. I also have some review copies, so please do email me if you’re interested, or know anyone who might be interested, in reviewing Kaleidoscope.


For the launch, I read from the very opening of the novella. But an alternative short sample from Kaleidoscope can be enjoyed here.

Disappear Here…

Then, just five days later, it was the launch/premiere screening of my poetryfilm collaborations with filmmaker Ben Cook.

Our three pieces: Underbelly Undercurrents, Clocking In/ON/Off and From & Before/The A4053 were cleverly out together by Ben so as to work as one long piece as well as individually. The second piece includes the poem dropped into a scripted dialogue scenario, with the main role played wonderfully by actress Jane Campion Hoye. One of the loveliest things about the launch was being in the audience watching it with Jane. We also managed to put Ben in the frame/in front of the camera too for once.


A last-minute surprise twist to the event was getting to read some of my poetry on the BBC as part of a Midlands Today feature on the Disappear Here collaborations with project leader Adam Steiner and filmmaker/poet Emilia Moniszko.

And in other news…

Meantime, I was also delighted to get my copy of the latest Tears in the Fence, containing my interview with poet Mark Goodwin. An extra pleasant surprise I hadn’t anticipated were the lovely snippet reviews of plenty-fish and Lampshades & Glass Rivers in David Caddy’s Afterwords.