I’m framing this blog-post with visual references because it’s been a fortnight of photographic and design news, as well as poetry, writing, editing.


First off, copies of Nina Lewis’s Fragile Houses have just come back from the printers. It’s always fabulous to finally hold a V. Press publication in my hands after months of editing, talking with the author, planning how the book should look. This poetry pamphlet also has an extra element to it for me, in that it contains a photographic sequence that I created specially for Fragile Houses:

Fragile: Holes
Fragile: Opening
Fragile: Us
Fragile: Secret
Fragile: Excess
Fragile: Spilling

These six photos (and the cover photo) threaded through the pamphlet are inspired by the overall feel of this vivid short collection and also draw on specific elements contained within specific poems in Fragile Houses.

I’m delighted too to have visual poems up on 3:am magazine – ‘through cellophane darkly’ and ‘If you cut me’.

The past fortnight, I’m also very pleased to have a photograph accepted for publication alongside my flash ‘Through Cellophane’ on Fictive Dream later this year/early 2017.

Finally, news too that I have passed my final graphic design module Brand New Brand (creating a brand development guide) and gained my Graphic Design Specialization with CalArts.

A busy week also saw me reading at the wonderful City Voices in Wolverhampton, facilitating a From Pain to Poetry workshop for Art in Minds (some wonderful pieces produced that I hope to share soon on this blog) and taking V. Press to London’s Poetry Book Fair.


The Magnetic Diaries – performance and free workshop

Birmingham MD A3 300 DPI Web E-FlyerIn October, Reaction Theatre Makers will be taking my poetry-play The Magnetic Diaries to Bristol Poetry Festival (Oct 2), FEAST festival at Malvern Cube (Oct 15), Mac Birmingham (Oct 22) and London’s The Vaults (Oct24).

More details about these can all be found here, but I want to focus in this blogpost on October 22 at Mac Birmingham, where I will be leading a FREE poetry workshop before the performance.

This FREE poetry workshop is focused around using objects for inspiration and then either adapting that as a means for exploring personal experiences or channeling away from them. This workshop will take place at 4pm, before the MAC Birmingham performance of ‘The Magnetic Diaries’. The 90-min workshop takes place in Hexagon Room at the mac birmingham, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH.To book a place for the workshop, please email me on lifeislikeacherrytreeATyahooDOTcom. There are 15 spaces for this workshop.
And to book tickets for the production afterwards:

Saturday, October 22 – MAC Birmingham
8pm | Tickets £10 (£8) | Hexagon | Age 12+
Performance sales & information: online here or 0121 446 3232 (Open 9am – 9.45pm throughout the week). Tickets also on the door.