I’m absolutely delighted to be able to share some of the wonderful work created as part of my first From Anguish to Art/ From Pain to Poetry Workshop at St Paul’s Hostel, Worcester, on July 1.

Chosen item: Green marker pen by Claire Badsey

Glow in the dark green, head of black
When you’re extremely sad there’s no coming back.
It leaves an indelible, unshakeable mark
It remains as a permanent scar upon your heart.
It leaves a stain that you cannot ever clean
Unlike the colourful glow in the dark fluorescent green.

I suppose life is like a permanent marker
We`re always searching for a permanent happy ever after.

Claire Badsey’s questions based on a bottle of perfume:

-Do you enhance a lady’s charm?
-Do you have to caress a wrist, neck & arm?
-Do you look elegant on the dressing table?
-Are you a favourite scent of Auntie Mable?
-Are you a sleek, elongated shape?
-Do you settle & nestle on the neck’s nape?
-Do you exist if nobody can smell you?

Claire Badsey’s Questions based on the Rubik cube:

-Is that shade of orange the only one you could have had?
-Do nine squares on each side make sense to you?
-How is it to be cuboid?
-Are you comfortable being mixed up?
-Do you feel like a toy or a puzzle?
-Is it puzzling to twist & turn?
-For what Rubik cube do you yearn?

P1010961Claire Badsey’s thoughts on a reindeer tea light holder

Things that get left out long after they are needed
Stuff around, has to go up the stairs
Reindeer tea light holders smoulder
Scrunched up dove pictures
Tea towels with holly on shouldn’t be there
Not now, not in July.
Let me breathe before Christmas comes again
Let me learn & grow & forget before I remember it all.


Rubik cube chosen by Adam:

It’s confusing
A Brain teaser
1 in 5 people
Solve it.
Spend hours
Twisting squares
Finding combinations.

P1010962Paul: A Gift Bag

Gift bag to me is a way of expressing
Joy & happiness
And to say thanks.
And it`s made someone’s day
By making it as a design.

Paul: The glass

The glass it’s a control on my behalf
If I want to go down that road
Or not down that road
That’s how I see the glass
Whether I want to put beer in it or not.

Paul: Questions on a Pen

-Would the doctor think I’m mad speaking to a pen?
-Is it best to be half full or half empty?
-Does the actual pen know the actual power it holds within human beings?
-Why can’t you ever find one when you want one?

Paul’s Poem:

The Pen

What I would mean “Is a pen mightier than the sword?”
A very famous saying, but what does it mean?
Is it in relation to my definition?
Is it best to be half full or half empty?
I’d leave that up to personal opinion.

P1010787croppedPhil’s response to the gift-bag question ‘What do you want to be when you get recycled?’

Answer: Artist’s paper for an exhibition
When the artist’s finished the painting & done creating someone will buy & be appreciating.

Phil’s thoughts based on a Rubik cube:

Rubik cube is very simple yet so complicated. A logical game that challenges you. Has a celebrity status that’s created celebrities because a lot of people love the Rubik cube.

Phil’s Questions based on a glass

-Are you heavy?
-How much drink can you hold?
-How did you get that shape?
-Why are you shiny?
-How are you clear?

Tom: Poem on a Balloon

Blow, blow the balloon blows
The intake of air
The stretching of rubber
The pressure of life
In a small little bubble.
Bang, there she goes
No one knows
Up into space
Vanished in a trace.
Let’s all say grace.

Nathaniel’s Thoughts on a remote control:

A remote control, it can take you to people. discarded lives & how they suffer.
It can take you on your travels to far flung places of the world from the comfort of your sofa, & I can take you under the sea to see plenty of fish without getting wet.

Tony’s Thoughts on a pen:

It’s a bit like my life at the moment
As in it’s all mixed up & not fully stable as my life at this moment
As I have a lot going on.
It’s like a PC hard drive
All full of fragments & it takes time to apply & sort out. But it all dries in the end & turns into a hard fresh surface.

Tony’s Questions based on a pen:

-What is it like being a pen?
-What do you do to pass the time?
-Do you go out much?
-Do you have partners?
-Do you work?
-Do you have a hobby/
– Do you drive?

Gerry’s poems:

The Pen

The pen, creator of happiness & misery
A tool so powerful it can sway minds & emotions.
What pain have I caused by my gift of writing?
I can only guess & imagine & wish the hurt away.
Once written, never forgotten.
We live in a world of the instant
Facebook, email & technology
Instantaneous regrets
Ah – the message has gone
Never to be undone!
Can I explain, will they understand fully
What I meant to say, what I meant to reveal?
All will be settled one day in the final score.


You pulled your heart out in your poetry
Inspired by images from the news
Of young lives blighted by the horror of Aids
Long before treatments were discovered.
You were all heart & feelings & love for everyone
With special love for children who adored you in return.
You had so much potential, born one of twelve children
Sharing shoes & taking turns to go to school.
Passing the 11+ to go on to higher education
Not able to, like so many of your generation.
Unable to fulfil your potential
You brought all your energy, love & enthusiasm
Into bringing up your children
Ensuring they had the best possible chances you could give them.
You wore yourself out & left us too soon
A void impossible to fill, a heartache too big
Unending after all these years.

Charley’s poem based on a starfish:

I’m shining up in the sky
Way up above nice & high
Twinkling like a shining star
Just like the fame of my lyrics
That have come from afar
That I’m a lyrical magician
Cus I’m a unique person with a unique personality
That rises up from tragedy.