Reading poetry has been a big part of my week so I thought I’d bring some of that into my prompt this week. So, if you’re sitting comfortably, pick a letter of the alphabet, any letter of the alphabet…

No cheating, now. You need to pick the letter before you read on to see what I suggest you to with it.

So, if you’ve picked a letter, here’s what I’d like you to do next.

1)      Find a poetic form starting with that letter and try writing in that form yourself. Any subject or theme. (Using an internet search engine may help you.)

2)      If you can’t find a form that begins with this letter – though you might be surprised how many different poetic forms there are out there in the world, with all sorts of names! – try searching for a poet whose name starts with this letter. (Again an internet search engine may help and choosing a poet you’ve never read before may prove more interesting than one whose work you’re already familiar with.) Read some of this poet’s work. One poem is enough but more if you like. Then see if you can find something in the style, theme, subject matter, form etc that inspires you.

Happy writing!