Last month I blogged about what a wonderful time I’d had at Chawson First School in Droitwich, sharing some of my poems in the school assembly. The children were amazingly receptive and enthusiastic, so much so that some of them went away and wrote their own poems after the visit.

One of the things that I particularly enjoy as a writer when I go into a school is the freedom to explore imagination and creativity outside of the usual curriculum demands and to simply have fun with words, sounds and ideas.

I’m absolutely delighted to have permission to share one of the resulting poems on my blog. This imaginative and humorous poem from Emily-Grace in Year 4 really demonstrates what I love about this kind of work.

Waiter, there’s a slug in my soup, it’s slithering.

Waiter, there’s a snail in my soup, surly you don’t think I’m French?

Waiter, there’s a dog in my soup, now I’ve got fleas!

Waiter, there’s nothing in my soup, it’s perfect!

Emily-Grace, Year 4, Chawson First School

A video version of one of the poems that I shared at Chawson can be found below and here is a link to the link to a pdf of my poem Animal Soup.