Twas the night before Xmas… Yes, I am out of season, but for a good reason, as my snippets of news date back to the winter solstice.

At the Hotel de la Lune performed in Greenwich as part of Arachne Press’s Longest Night:

‘Insignificant’ and ‘Living with Salt’ published on Molly Bloom. There are loads of cracking poems in this month’s issue, so very be proud to be in their company.

‘Forget Beef, Forget Chicken’ and ‘American Dream’ accepted for Paper Swans Press anthology ‘Chronicles of Eve’.

‘Dear Argiope,’ accepted for Fairacre Press Maligned Species spider anthology.

A reminder that Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn’s The Power of Place, focuses on her novel The Broken Road, which features three poems from me. The article can be found here.

Thought for the Month – Work smart, not hard
My reflection on this stems from awareness of how busy most of us are and the overwhelming amount of information and writing available on and offline these days. This was reinforced by serendipity when I came across this article The ‘Technique’ of Rereading by Marvin Bell emphasizing the importance not of how much we read as writers but how well we read it.

Happy (re-)reading!