I’ve been thinking about my blog for a while: what it should be? And also what it shouldn’t be.

When I set up my website many moons, moods and modes ago, the theory of the time was that writers should be using email signatures for marketing, building up a base of support or email list via their website and generally creating a web presence. Behind these ideas, and much of today’s society, that one word: marketing.

Like the sea's voice in a shell - the subtle pervasiveness to aim for in poetry and marketing?

Truth is that I’m proud of all my books – the love, research and crafting that has gone into each, the place it has in my life. I am also very grateful to all my publishers for seeing something in my work. That said, my natural pride is a quiet one, an inner glow of satisfaction at creativity crafted and polished. Marketing is the part I’d prefer to do without as a writer, if I could. But it is, of course, unavoidable.

In many ways, the basics of internet marketing haven’t changed. But the ways that this can be done and the number of people doing it have grown enormously over the past decade. And my personal circumstances have also changed.

The odd events and publications to blog about have become many, and, with it, a blog that often feels to me like an events or publications list. But both of these can already be found elsewhere on my website: on the Events page and my full (yes, I do mean full!) Writing CV page (and I will continue to keep these regularly updated).

Of course, there are also my micro-reviews. These have been both a way of logging for my own memory what I have enjoyed and why, and a means of sharing poetry that I’ve enjoyed. I don’t intend to stop these.

But I also set up V. Press as another way of sharing other’s poetry with the world and giving some free feedback to debut poets in way that hopefully doesn’t impinge on the livelihoods on those who need to earn a living from feedback/mentoring. Predictably, running the press has turned out to be an enjoyable but not un-time-demanding role.

Another truth of this blogpost is that all forms of writing, sharing poetry, publishing and that dreaded word ‘marketing’ take time and energy, and have to fit in around life too. Somehow my blog in its current form (with the exception of the microreviews) doesn’t seem the most important time-priority at the moment.

Like many things in life these days, the pressure to have all, be all and do all is there and unlikely to ever go away. But there is a point where this inevitably becomes self-defeating.

What comes next for me in terms of blogging, I’m not sure. I will be running a 52 Days of Christmas twitter poetry-sharing starting early next month. (My twitter account is @Sarah_James , if anyone wants to follow this.) I may gather up some of these snippets here at some point but as for the main thrust of this blog in future…I suspect the usual processes of adapt, innovate and metamorphose will come into play, but they (and I!) need a little breathing space in order for them to do so.

In the meantime, happy reading!