I am absolutely delighted that pre-orders are now open for plenty-fish. Not all the endorsements are back yet, and sample poems will follow shortly. But, for now, the Nine Arches Press blurb: “Sarah James’ precise and astonishing poetry invites us to taste and touch the flavours, shapes, memory and experiences for ourselves, the tang of sea-salt tempering the irresistible physicality of these adventurous poems.

“Here, the natural and emotional worlds merge in kaleidoscopic colours and all around us, nature runs riot. Humans are organisms in an ever-growing, changing and vanishing habitat; the family an ecosystem complicated by love, loss and letting go. The poems gather and swirl about you, a shoal of brilliant, electric moments. The water may be deep and clear, but the undertow is strong and dark, and sharp enough to cut to the bone.”

It can be pre-ordered here.

The Magnetic Diaries poetry-play

There’s just under a week to go until the performance at this year’s Write On festival at The Courtyard on Saturday, July 4 at 7pm. A lovely piece by Philippa May was in the Hereford Times this week, and below is a short audio sample of Vey playing Emma.

Other snippets from the play include:

“pain’s tidal pull away from this | wracked skeleton of known walls”

“Life itself diced: a giant Rubik’s cube, | impossible to twist right.”

“my body a zoetrope that won’t stop spinning”

“mist dreams skimmed | from my waking skin”

“as lightly as water slides from glass”

“Sucked dry, hunger’s remnants | harden to brittle crackedness.”

“we race the shadow selves trying to pass us”

“where brine spills | without fear of reprisal”


I have now created a catalogue of microreviews on this website blog since spring 2013. This can be found here. Please do let me know if you spot any errors or omissions. Microreviews prior to spring 2013 may be found on this blog, but because of time constraints have not yet been catalogued. I also have uncatalogued reviews on earlier blogs and websites such as the spoken word section of Behind the Arras.

Other Hush-Hush news

I am delighted to have a new poem ‘And his open mouth is an olive grove’ opening the latest issue of the beautiful Synaesthesia Hush-Hush issue. The accompanying artwork is stunning, and the whole magazine is a fabulous mix of poetry, short fiction and art.