Less than a week now until UK National Poetry Day (NPD) on Thursday, October 7 and I’ve been busy preparing to go into a local first school to talk about the day, share a few of my children’s poems and run a poetry writing workshop.

This year’s theme for NPD is ‘home’ and below are three of the poems I’ve written especially for the day – I’m calling them ‘limericks with a tail’ (but please feel free to ignore the tail, if you want) – plus some of my notes about them.

I am also posting my ‘home’ theme primary age workshop/lesson ideas sheet on my fansite blog today, if anyone wishes to use it. Other resources are also available from the NPD website at www.nationalpoetryday.co.uk and I will be blogging a series of posts here and on the fansite part of the website in the run up to the day . These will include more poems and poem videos, including a poem and poem video in support of the work of the Helen Bamber Foundation.

‘Home’ Limericks

For National Poetry Day 2010 on Thursday, October 7, 2010


There was a young boy called Matt,

who lived in a high-rise flat.

In a power cut one night,

they lost all their light

and he sat on his Dad’s best hat –


Sarah James


There was a young German called Klaus,

who lived in a funny old house.

with walls made from bread,

cracker chairs, a cheese bed…

no surprise his best friend was a mouse!


Sarah James


There was a young boy called Dave,

who lived in a dark smelly cave.

With no windows for light,

there wasn’t much sight

and it smelled like he’d nowhere to bathe –


Sarah James

These three ‘limericks with a tail’ (for sound effect) are designed to explore the topic of ‘home’ from all angles, including covering different types of home (house, flat), why we have windows, other facilities required in a home (power, light, bathing facilities), building materials (not cheese or bread!), the history of dwellings (caves) and issues of different cultures/countries (Klaus). They also provide the opportunity to discuss ‘friendship’ and the social aspects of what makes a home ‘home’.

Please feel free to use these poems (accredited), if you wish, but please let me know that you are doing so either by leaving a comment here or by emailing me at lifeislikeacherrytree@yahoo.com .