I was very pleased last week to be contacted by Australia-based poet, J.V. Birch after she’d heard about my With You In Mind poetry for Mental Health Awareness Week 2015 project through Abegail Morley’s fabulous website The Poetry Shed.

I was even more delighted when Julie agreed to let me share the poetryfilm of her poem Black Dog as a blog feature in the run up to the start of the With You in Mind project and online anthology starting on Monday.

Julie wrote and performed this piece as part of mindshare’s When Words Come to Life poetry competition in August 2014 with funding from Arts SA. Entries were invited from poets on any aspect of mental health and her message is that we all have something to carry – be it pain, fear, anxiety, depression from the past, in the present or about the future – and it is our choice how we manage the impact it has on us.

Black Dog by J.V. Birch from mindshare on Vimeo.

From May 11-17, I will be sharing poems on the theme of the mind, mental health and from a range of talented and generous poets. It is far from an exhaustive list of talented poets or poems on this subject-matter. It is a selection of poems from poets whose work I admire, whom I thought from their past work, comments or work might be happy to support this blog project and also whom, all honesty here, I was also brave enough to ask for this. I am very, very grateful to them all.

To find out more about Julie, her poetry, films and other projects, her website and blog can be found here.