Where to start this week?

First off, some beautiful endorsements for The Magnetic Diaries mean that this is finished in time to be put forward by my publisher for Poetry Book Society selections. I am absolutely delighted, as well as very nervous. (While I know logically that these selections are just a very small part of a much bigger picture, emotionally being included would be a massive deal for me.) My deep gratitude goes to Jacqui Rowe and Luke Kennard for their recommendations of the book, and to my publisher Alec Newman for all his hard work on production and getting it sorted in time to send off.

(To read the print, either click on the picture, or here.)

I’ve also had another haiku published in the Financial Times; this time on the work-related theme of ‘the boss’. My poem (published under my married name of Sarah Leavesley) can be found online here.

Other happy news this week includes receiving copies of next term’s The Poetry School brochure, including my poem ‘Wanting’. The amazing cover artwork by Jack Hudson was inspired by my poem and it is wonderful to see how he has interpreted it. Over the years, I’ve done a number of The Poetry School writing courses but am currently addicted to their reading courses, which include notes on the text being considered, inspirational prompts and the benefits of collaborative/communal reading.

(Click on the picture to the left to see the text well enough to read.)

Finally, I have had another poem on The Stare’s Nest. Again it’s one with a general environmental theme.

Other highlights of the week include meeting up with fellow Poetry Society reps, editing poems for my joint pamphlet with Angela Topping and sending off early drafts for another poetry project involving poems inspired by Venice and featuring a novelist’s characters. (Thankfully, the novelist’s initial response to them was both swift and favourable – so one less thing to bite my nails over!)

I’ve had a great response from some very generous poets to my ‘With You In Mind’ blog and mini-online-anthology project to mark next year’s Mental Heath Awareness Week in May. But more info about that nearer the time!

I have also been recording and editing a shortened audio version of The Magnetic Diaries; more work on this and V. Press projects the next few weeks. Meanwhile, on a personal note, I’m also looking forward to getting a few Christmas decorations up. But first, to find enough space for a tree…!