As I plan to take a break this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the part space and stillness play in the creative process. So this week’s prompt is as much about getting oneself ready to write as inspiration itself. But if inspiration comes too…

The following exercise is one I’d call meditative. Find a comfortable place to sit where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Relax and close your eyes. As you sit there focus in turn on each sense.

First, note what you can feel. Pay attention to the feelings in your muscles, to the sensation of fabric against your skin, of the ground beneath your feet, the movement of air in and out of your mouth, lungs, nose…

Next notice what you can hear. First, focus on the sounds nearby within the room, then gradually widen the depth of your hearing to take in sounds further and further away. Then focus on smell               and taste. You may notice less for these, but that’s fine.

Finally, open your eyes and slowly refocus on what’s in front of you, directly in front of you. Don’t move your head, you don’t need to. Just see, that means really see in every single detail, what is already in front of you.

While doing this exercise, you will probably find thoughts popping into your head distracting you. This is good. These thoughts could be the inspiration you’re looking for. If not, just notice them. Then let them go and return to focusing on your senses.

By the end of this exercise, you will hopefully more relaxed and have given your subconscious the space to get on with some creativity. You may have found writing inspiration already in something you’ve noticed while doing the exercise or a thought that has popped into your head.

If not, focus on one sense that you don’t normally use much and keep returning to it throughout the rest of the day.  Notice things you wouldn’t normally notice and see where this takes you.