realising that sight
where all clouds are styled silver
every tone light

my sons’ eyes, futures
balanced in the iris curve
and arcs of their smiles

music’s stirring tears
pain’s punch & sharp edges blurred
by softer rhythms

thick-furred redwood trees
spokes that spin the thin air’s silk
to skeins of song flight

fingertips on skin
circles soothed from a stone splash
hands smooth stressed ridges

curving towards night
hands reaching up to the moon
to scoop out its beat

cold waterlogged toes
wriggling free from sodden shoes
cosied in warm socks

five o’ clock sunlight
laughter on warm evening lawns
slow hours before dark

yawning into warmth
tired muscles stretch, then curl soft
eyelids close, fulfilled

head in his chest, warmth
nested in those sturdy ribs
ruffle of feathers

drinking sea from shells
shores found in its tides, all homes
lie between water

breathing in wide skies
swallowing leaves & bird song
hear there your own voice

another’s wide smile
my hand lifting sharp corners
umbrella curves turned

umbrellas as boats
silver spokes of summer light
warm sunshine afloat

TO BE continued…

This past week has been a mish-mash of Easter mayhem with the kids, visiting family, decorating, tidying the garden (yes, we have one, and it’s much bigger than it was before!), learning my major triads as part of a music MOOC, keeping up to date with admin, bits and pieces of creativity and a little reading. Not enough to warrant any reviews from me yet. But I was pleasantly surprised while mooching on the internet the other day to find this lovely review of my own first collection Into the Yell over on Goodreads.

Next week is back into editing, maybe submitting, and listening to a piece of ‘unnamed’ classical music as inspiration for my poem for this year’s Manchester Writing School and Royal Philharmonic Society Notes into Letters project. I’ve very much looking forward to starting this. Meanwhile, a little 90s pop while I finish that painting…