I did say I was going to take a br eak from blogging. But I’ve recomposed my thoughts in the week. So rather than nothing at all, just a few short snippets.

The first is to share a copy of my poem ‘Composition’ from Be[yond]. (A slightly different version of this poem is also in Sculpted: Poetry of the North-West). This went on display in Droitwich Library this week, set against the background of the seed fern fossil which inspired it.

There’s an unintentional north-west theme to today’s post as two small pamphlets by Sarah Hymas also arrived yesterday. Lune and Sea-creatures are beautiful creations, not just for the poetry inside – which capture the beauty and mystery of the sea, its creatures/humans, life – but the way it has been presented in these unique handcrafted creations. (Lune is a small concertina and Sea-creatures inset with map/compass images.) More about the latter can be read in Angela Topping’s review over on Sabotage Reviews. This is also a site I’d recommend generally to anyone who’s not yet aware of it, for reviews of pamphlet poetry in particular but also performance and short fiction.

And finally, though the MA hard slog to final portfolio collection hand-in (early next year) continues, yesterday’s Writing West Midlands Writer’s Toolkit was a great day for re-energising and focusing. Obviously, this year’s is over now. But this event, Birmingham Book Festival and a whole range of events and support for writers can be found over on the WWM website.