THIS week has mostly been one of reading. Or, more accurately, reading has been my main relaxation after keeping my children entertained and sorting all those mundane necessities of everyday life.

I have been reading Maureen Mclane’s My Poets. Much though it pains part of me (the awkward part, or the part that is always instinctively suspicious about lots of praise for fear of disappointment!) to love a contemporary book which has been generally acclaimed and talked about, I do. The poets discussed, so far at least, are all ones I’ve read, so it’s mostly not learning more about them, so much as learning how they’ve been enjoyed by and affected the life of another writer. In other words, it’s almost like having a chat with a poet friend. But there is more than that too. This poet friend is also good with words and playful with language, so that that too is an added delight to the reading. But don’t take any of my words for it. You can read one of many ‘proper’ reviews of the book in this week’s New York Times.

This week has been a mostly grey weather one. (It is Britain, after all, grimace!) So it was lovely to read the latest selection of holiday poems on Josephine Corcoran’s And Other Poems, also including my ‘Un(Synchronised)’ from Be[yond], Knives, Forks and Spoons Press.

And if I was going on holiday, I might be getting there by bus. Actually, the chances of me travelling via any method other than car, train or possibly coach are very low. But this does kind of link to another thing that has been making me smile this week – I finally managed to catch some buses with my poems on them! Such a weird but great feeling to see my words and spectogram art used in this way.

For those interested in videopoetry, I have also been enjoying some fantastic pieces over on the Liberated Words website.

Meanwhile, here, my offering from Be[yond] this week is a video version of the poem ‘Reading Aloud with My Son’.

This is the longer of three video versions of the poem. You can check the others out on my YouTube channel.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. The sun has just come out here – so off to catch it, quick!