“my notepad and fingers (& metaphored thoughts of him)
drown in a half-glass of rosé”
(through rose-tinted glasses/plenty more/Drowning one’s clichés)

I’m delighted to celebrate the bank holiday with a poem on Kumquat Poetry experimental webzine. Part (lost/failed) love story/life cliché, part ars poetica mixed in with some reflective word play to (hopefully!) create an interesting verbal spritzer – at least that, or something like that, is the theory. And yes, I may also be celebrating the bank holiday with a half-glass of rosé later! 😉

This week I’ve also added a new hypertext poem to my selection of 11 An Eyeful of Words interactive poetry-art experiences which you can check out here.

Meanwhile, much of the weekend has taken the form of a campfire clan gathering over in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. Besides chopping wood, sunshine, marshmallows and birdsong for breakfast, I also managed to snatch a few pix!

Early morning

Marshmallow smoke

Playing with shadows

Mystical mist

The view looking back

Just before the heavens open!

Reflecting on the art in Great Witley Church

Happy bank holiday everyone, hope you’ve had a good one! 🙂