It’s been a week of roadtripping, rain – and, miraculously, sunshine!

In a week mostly punctuated by rain and grey skies, I was strangely blessed with sunshine for a trip up to Warwickshire to visit my Polesworth Poets’ Trail poem for the first time.

It was so lovely to see Unrippled in situe along the Coventry Canal between Polesworth town centre and Pooley Countryside Park that a friend persuaded me to try an impromptu reading there are then. I’m not sure who was more surprised, me reading it or the dog walkers passing by on the tow path! You can see it below or on youtube at: .

Following on from last weekend, when I was similarly blessed with sunshine for my trip up to Ribble Valley, I’ve been busy working on some poems to submit to the North West anthology Sculpted – so far pieces inspired by Manchester, Wigan, Burnley and Blackburn… All that’s left now is the most difficult task – to sculpt the drafts!

My nose has also been back to the grindstone writing up my exhibition An Eyeful of Words for my MA. I was wonderfully delighted to find all my energy and motivation for the MA, which had been lacking for a few months, is back full-strength! Now all I have to do is finish the essay – no mean feat, but enjoying it again is surely a step in the right direction!

And in my spare time…I’ve just discovered a great series of videos on The Great Ideas of Philosophy by Professor Daniel N. Robinson. So far the lecture on Pythagorean philosophy and the divinity of number has been particularly fascinating.

I’ve also been enjoying a new poetry collection Absence has a weight of its own by Daniel Sluman (Nine Arches Press) – and have been gripped from the moment of picking it up. Not only is it full of beautiful lines and images but also some moving narratives. Next on my list is Il Avilit by Phil Brown (also Nine Arches Press).

Finally, one that I picked up from twitter yesterday is D H Lawrence’s Pomegranate – the end of which almost reduces me to tears – and a recent commentary on it in the Paris Review.

Anyway, no rest for the wicked, as they say. Today my son’s birthday party beckons – but first a long, quiet cup of cinnamon tea! 🙂