Not just one but two festivals meant last weekend really went with a blues splash of sunshine, fun and water!

My Droitwich Canal Opening reading went swimmingly on Friday and my poetry set at Blues at the Fold on Saturday was great fun, as were the atmosphere, setting and music. Not to mention the lovely audience and other perfromers!

My Droitwich Water Festival display From the Tow Path also made a real splash this weekend. Though I can’t tell exactly how many people saw it, Vines Park was packed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I had some wonderful feedback to the collaborative poetry/art display.

So, fllowing on from this, I now have a new exhibit in my online gallery offering another preview to next June’s An Eyeful of Words exhibition at Droitwich Library and an extension of my water festival display.

From the Trees and Tow Path poem video features a series of my photos haiku and longer poems inspired by the local landscape and people.

An audio version of the opening poem No Still Life (also shortlisted in the 2011-2012 Worcestershire poet laureate contest) featured on Radio Wildfire’s live transmission last night ( But the soundtrack can be seen here alongside the painting it inspired by Sam Hutchcocks and Julie Haller.

You can view it in the gallery here or directly on the blog post below.

As this display and exhibition are part of one of my MA projects, I would be very grateful if you have time to give me any feedback – both in terms of the poetry, the combination of poetry and art/photography and whether the visual aspects help open up new appreciation of the poetry. You can leave comments on the website or by emailing me at lifeislikeacherrytreeATyahooDOTcom. Thank you.