Not just one launch but two launches today! As Worcestershire’s first ever literary festival launches this evening, I thought I’d seize the silver lining to the cloud of my poetry/photography exhibition being postponed and launch an online gallery today!

An Eyeful of Words at Droitwich library gallery was due to be a post-festival festival event this July but has now been postponed until next June because of council decisions to close the library for refurbishment. The good news is that this means the exhibition should now coincide with the main festival next year and rather than waiting until then for it all, I thought I’d launch the online gallery at the start of this year’s festival as a preview of some of the work to be exhibited next year.

This gallery, found as a drop-down menu under An Eyeful of Words in the top menu-bar, includes a selection of both poem videos and interactive poems.

The exhibition is aimed at using art/photography to try and bring poetry to a wider audience. It is also one of my MA projects. One of the key parts of this to get some feedback to try and assess whether this has worked and how it has worked.

This has been made a lot harder for me by the cancellation of my original exhibition this June. So if you do have time to share this post and leave feedback or a poem inspired by any of the art, I would be extremely grateful. This can be done either by leaving a comment on the website or emailing me on lifeislikeacherrytreeATyahooDOTcom. Thank you.