In April 2019, I was delighted to be invited to run two workshops with the wonderful Creative Group at St Paul’s Hostel in Worcester.

The theme was light (and darkness), taking inspiration from and responding to the group’s own photos of Worcester Cathedral on the theme of ‘Finding Light’, which will be the title of the group’s next booklet.

I’m delighted to be able to share some of the beautiful poems created during these workshops!

(NB Just to note that the photos in these blogposts are my own. The group’s photography workshops were delivered by Neil Styles, tutor with Libraries and Learning, Adult Learning Worcestershire, over a period of 5 months. These photographs will be on display along with other people`s work in and around the Council Chamber at County Hall from 1-24 June and the exhibition then moves on to Worcester Cathedral in the last week of June.)

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Tempus Fugit: Carpe Diem

by Gerry Lowman

Time is flying: Seize the Day!
Whatever your circumstances find a way
To nurture yourself with inner reflection
And forwards onto outward action!
Listen to your thoughts and hear what others say
Live in this precious moment!
But do not dwell or overstay
Allowing inertia or anxiety to outplay
All the good urgently needed today.
Tempus fugit: Carpe diem!

The light on the sundial casts its shadow
Proof of the fact that we all must follow
That winged chariot taking us to the morrow.
Precious light from the life giving sun
The overriding goal that now must be won
Is to save our planet from our careless destruction
So leaving it safe for millennia to come
And make the future secure for the incoming generation.
Time is flying: Seize the Day!

Youth of today have taken up the banner
Stirring our consciences with their energy and fervour
Capture this moment, bring us all together
And acting as ONE save our precious earth forever!

Tempus Fugit: Carpe Diem!
Time is flying: Seize the Day!


A Guiding Light

by Paul Manley

A light distinguishing a path
On right and wrong
I would like to be
The Decider of the Path
Of men
On right or wrong

This is Easter

by Gerry Lowman

Enliven the usual scene of pomp and ceremony
With love and joy and amazing energy
For this is Easter, the Christ has risen
Raise your voices to the rafters
In praise and thanks and joyful laughter.
Turn to your neighbour and share the moment
This is the time to give voice to your emotions
What joy, what love is all around
Look down dear Jesus as we stand
On this holy ground.

cathedral inside pix july 2010 002

Bright Light

by Gerry Lowman

Through the windows pours the bright light
Casting kaleidoscopic colours upon surrounding arches
And contrasting the stark outline of the statue so white
So that its presence reaches out from the darkness
And our curiosity gained, with wonder, our sight
Follows where the statue is pointing, trying to gain our awareness
Of the hidden tales of glory and might
And myriad happenings down through the centuries
Revealed to us in ancient inscriptions, bathed in the light

Old steps of marble and shining metal

by Claire, the Poet with Passion

Old steps of marble and shining metal
Don`t glow in the darkest hours after midnight
They no longer entice your eyes
With twinkling light bursts of delight
They simply fade and die
Just like you and I.

cathedral inside pix july 2010 029

In the presence of an Angel

by Gerry Lowman

The warmth of the lighted Angel`s shadow
Upon the cold, austere grey stones
Brings comfort, unnoticed, by the crowds below
As it keeps guard over the cherished bones
Of the anointed King whose head rests on a stone pillow.
But in the darkness of the still night the Angel comes
Resplendent in shining purity and, now fully on show,
It graces this space with an eternal glow.
So stand still awhile and take time to allow
Yourself to feel the wondrous touch of
An Angel`s presence!

Light at the end of the dark arch tunnel

by Charley Gittings

There is light at the end of the dark arch tunnel
Weaving through the darkness to get to the bright bit of light at the end
Twirling the bits of brickwork together
Into a little blend
When you mend
The walls
Transfixing them to the dark dark arches together
Into a dark dark little room of the crypt

In her own low shadow

by Claire Cariad Morgana

She stands in the crypt below
In her own low shadow.
Sadly, for her, without her own day glow window.
She looks forlorn, lonely, sad and hollow
Without any life-giving marrow.
Been made by a chiselled stonemason fellow.
Centuries on from her army`s weapons of a bow and arrow
I would suggest that her thoughts are somewhat narrow.
She stands for all eternity, longing for sleep and a restful warm pillow.
She never ever gets to see that flying sparrow.

Made of Plantation Cotton

by Claire, the Poet with Passion

The flag, those ancient flags
Some made of plantation cotton
Enforced slavery
A plantation manager, so very rotten.
Centuries later
Post the Windrush begotten
The British white purist
Fascists have forgotten
That this material
This soft clean cotton
Made those men very rich
And maybe the flags helped
With the rotten leave Brexit pitch.


There once was a pink giraffe

by Gerry Lowman

There once was a pink giraffe
Who gave all visitors a laugh
To Worcester Cathedral it came
And here has achieved fame
Let`s give our pink giraffe a name!