In April 2019, I was delighted to be invited to run two workshops with the wonderful Creative Group at St Paul’s Hostel in Worcester.

The theme was light (and darkness), taking inspiration from and responding to the group’s own photos of Worcester Cathedral on the theme of ‘Finding Light’, which will be the title of the group’s next booklet.

I’m delighted to be able to share some of the beautiful poems created during these workshops!

(NB Just to note that the photos in these blogposts are my own. The group’s photography workshops were delivered by Neil Styles, tutor with Libraries and Learning, Adult Learning Worcestershire, over a period of 5 months. These photographs will be on display along with other people`s work in and around the Council Chamber at County Hall from 1-24 June and the exhibition then moves on to Worcester Cathedral in the last week of June.)

P1100091 st apul's hostel pic finished


by Theresa Fisher

Warm and bright reflecting happiness untold
And making things unfold
Like flowers in the park
And lighten up the dark
A yellow daffodil, bright and cheery
Makes the day less dreary


by Paul Manley

Light goes into night
Night goes into day
Day goes into seeking
This is what we portray

In the day

by Charley Gittings

In the day the light reflexes off the arches
With the colours dashing
Around in the midst of the dark places
But when it is dark there is no cascading
Of bright literal colours bouncing
There is just
Black of black
In the pitch of the night

cathedral inside pix july 2010 020 straightened

Bury my past

by Claire, the Poet with Passion

I would hold a party to bury my past
Play only Wagner`s “Flight of the Valkyrie”
Insisting that my past will vanish and die.
I`d bring a huge spade and loads of dirt
And shovel in all the anger, pain and hurt.
I`d dress up in the darkest shade of black
Cast a spell to prevent it from ever coming back.
I`d dance, trance like, with friends and several witches
Bury the painful memories in many ditches
Promising myself that I`d never revisit
A past that I wish had never existed.

Creepy Crawlies

by Paul Manley

Creepy crawlies
Draughty corners
To the touch
Wondering why
You seek
So much

Light feels like hope when it heals

by Claire, the Poet with Passion

When you stand in the darkness, pausing
Hope is what pulls you towards the daylight
Visible through that open door.
Light gives me hope for a future life
A dream that I will eventually be so much more.
Light allows me to open the door, the drawer, my mind
To such prospects and opportunities that I`ve yet to find.
Fear of failure and mass rejection
Makes me shy away from the light`s reflection.
Yet I know if I am to be successful and persevere
I absolutely must allow light into my life
To remain with me here.

cathedral inside pix july 2010 014 lightened and cropped

Angel shadow

by Ray Morgan

Bright with black and white
Bright is the angel, dark is the night
Whisper of cold, pure delight
Here stops quickly
Either rich or poor
The angel shows you mercy
When she shows you the door

The Door

by Paul Manley

The door is to seek
The door is to forget
What is beyond?
Beyond is to forget
The situation
You go through

There isn`t no brime or grime

by Charley Gittings

There isn`t no brime or grime
There`s just shine and a little bit of slime
It used to be white by sight
And so so bright within the light
But now it`s got to fight the might
By the dark dark night.
The sun shines a shadow from the pillows
Of snow upon the mallows
Shall we follow the glow and grow
To the fellows of the Mellows?

I am the slow burning lamp

by Gerry Lowman

I am the slow burning lamp
Keeping alight the cross in the darkness
I am the ancient light
Using the wick of life
In the clay crucible where we all began.
The ancient light, using God`s gift of oil
Within the smooth cradle of the warm mother earth.

IMG_3276 fire

A camp Fire

by Peter Middleton

I can simmer as an ember, but be the brightest flame
For I see the light and darkness and life is not a game.
I play with fire my every day
But the ash and darkness don`t go away
The darkness is not my desire
Still I need someone to stoke the fire.
The body is weak and old and the fire is at its low
With a little breath of air
I know it can still glow

I`d want to be a flame

by Claire, the Poet with Passion

I`d want to be a flame, an energetic fire
Like the kind who engulfed Notre Dame`s spire
I`d sometimes be safe and comforting and slow
Then often I`d want to set the horizon aglow
I`d be the darkest yellow and the fiercest red
I`d light the pathway to the cemetery`s dead
Sadly there`s not warmth and fire when you`ve passed away
Thus my passion and flame must burn brightly for today.

cathedral inside pix july 2010 010